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September 12, 2012  Agenda

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Archived June 13 Agenda

Building on the generous audience feedback, our sessions featured experts in the following topics.  If you are interested in speaking at a future event, or know a business that would make an excellent case study for one of these sessions, click the “Speak at an event” or “Tell a Success Story” links in the right sidebar to sign up. Thanks!

0700 – Check-in, breakfast, networking

0745  – Keynote: “Planless = Penniless – How to Plan for Social Media Success”  Speaker:  Kathryn Rose

0800 – Concurrent Sessions – Group A

A1 “Email and CRM: the Power Couple”

Be a Big Data Voodoo Daddy (or Mama)!  Learn, live, how you can treat 10,000 people in a database like unique individuals.  You will leave this session chanting “Die, Batch & Blast!” – and that inhumane, one-size-fits-most email approach will be a relic of the past.  If you are just getting started in email marketing, leap along the learning curve in this intensive live demo session.  Your customers are flocking to businesses that treat them like they have asked to be treated.  You want to be that business!  Presenter: Ed Alexander.

A2  “Hashtags Aren’t Just for Twtiter”

In this workshop, one will learn about the use of hashtags not only in Twitter, but on foursquare, Instagram and Pinterest. By using these platforms, you will learn how to grow your network more efficiently and effectively.  Presenter:  Sue Zimmerman

A3 “Hot Rod:  LinkedIn”

All about leveraging LinkedIn for business.  Learn how to mine LinkedIn to generate business leads.  Presenter:  Judy Parisella.

Note: we are also considering separate sessions on creating a killer LinkedIn professional profile that sends opportunity your way.

B1  “Social Throwdown”

Social is the new normal.  Here we will look at some business success cases involving Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, & more.  Presenter:   Julia Campbell.

B2  (Search Engine Marketing) You are invisible, here’s how to fix it”

Showing up at the top of Google searches can catapult your business to the next level.  How do you get there and stay there?  We will look at some common-sense online marketing “do’s” (and some hilarious “don’ts”) that will help you earn the love you know you deserve from Google.  Session Leader:  Hans Riemer

B3  “Mobile is in the Palm of your Hand”

Thinking about building a mobile app to grow your business?  We’ll discuss the why, the how and the how much.  Case studies will reveal how to take your current content and make it relevant for the mobile user.   Presenter: Larry Ehrhardt.

1000 –  Plenary session  / panel discussion

We have invited select members of our distinguished faculty to recap the day, answer questions and reflect on future trends and strategy lessons.  Use the “Keep me in the loop!” link (right sidebar) to sign up for updates as they occur!  Moderated by David Cutler.

1030 Wrapup and announcements


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