“Rogue Wave” (deeply discounted) Tickets

To get tickets now for the next scheduled event, click the orange EventBrite button in the right sidebar on this site.

Special, deeply discounted “Rogue Wave” tickets are often available in limited quantities – way in advance of each event – via the EventBrite ticket site, which accepts major credit cards – and your special promo / discount code, if you know one.  Click the EventBrite logo on this site to see currently available options.  If you see an expired event, use the “Keep me in the loop” link on this site to get early updates on the next event!  Read on for more tips on Promotion Code usage.  Enjoy!

Sponsors: you get preferred seating and some other cool perks.  Visit our Sponsor page for details.

Promotion Code Users

If you are a repeat attendee, a Speaker, a Sponsor, or other lucky insider, you probably have a Promotion Code you can use to enjoy a discount on admission to NXNS.  Here is a screenshot of the EventBrite ticket site showing how to use it.

EventBrite Promo Code stepwise process

click to enlarge


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