Distinguished Alumni

Here are some of the remarkable people we have been fortunate to have at our events, listed alphabetically.

Larry Ehrhardt, Session Leader

Visit Larry's session planner pageAs CEO of Ballast Lane Applications, Larry selects, designs, and markets Ballast Lane’s mobile applications – and also codes. He has a BA from Yale University, an MBA from the Darden School of Business, and has completed computer science course work at the Harvard Extension School where he is also a Teaching Fellow for Intro to Computer Science and Mobile Applications.  More at www.ballastlane.com .

Gregg Hanson, Session Leader

Gregg has worked at Net Atlantic for nearly 4 years; starting out as the Manager of Support Services he has migrated into an even more customer focused role of Success Manager.  Gregg brings a wealth of expertise of client relations from his previous position at Gordon College running the Center for Educational Technologies and provides industry knowledge on email marketing to Net Atlantics clients; ensuring their continued growth and success.  Outside of work Gregg enjoys his passions as an Opera singer and professional cook.  He lives on the North Shore with his wife and dog, Link.  More at http://www.netatlantic.com .

Jennifer Powell, Session Leader

Jennifer is a blogger and founder of the Excellent Writers Group, which works with companies to develop effective blogs, newsletters and other written materials. She also writes a weekly column for the Boston Herald called Small Business Matters.  More at www.excellentwriters.com .

Lori Richardson, Session Leader

As co-owner of a successful sales consultancy whose clientele includes the likes of IBM, Lori trains and coaches sales professionals and helps onboard new sales reps through a unique approach. She is also a prominent blogger online and one of the “Top 25 Sales Influencers for 2012”.  Learn more about Lori at www.scoremoresales.com .

Kathryn Rose, Keynoter KatRoseHeadshotThumbnail

Kat is an award-winning author, social media strategist and trainer with clients ranging from multi-million dollar corporations to small business owners and entrepreneurs.  She has created successful online communities for her clients totaling over 2 million fans, followers and connections.  Kathryn’s keynote topic “Planless = Penniless: The Key to Social Media Success is in the Planning”, will discuss highlights of her latest book titled “Solving the Social Media Puzzzle: 7 Simple Steps to Planning a Social Media Marketing Strategy”, and discuss us how to take the pressure off and make social media fun and profitable.  More about Kat at www.katroseconsulting.com.

Corissa St. Laurent, Distinguished Panelist 

Corissa St. Laurent is the Regional Development Director at Constant Contact and a relationship marketing expert. Before joining Constant Contact, Corissa owned and operated a PR and promotions firm dedicated to helping small businesses and nonprofits grow through the use of new media, event promotions, and brand positioning. She continues this work through her many presentations, seminars, panel discussions, and keynote addresses.  For more information, visit www.ConstantContact.com .

Sue Zimmerman, Session Leader

SueZimmermanHeadshotThumbnailSueB.do is a Brand unto herself – successful eutrepreneur, keen direct-to-consumer salesperson, master networker & social media extraordinaire. Her accomplishments span over 25 years and her instinctive nature enables her to spot trends & inspire others. Sue epitomizes the true value of being social on and offline.

More at www.suebdo.com


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