Liked June 13? Check out Sep 12!

21 Jun

Many thanks to all who attended, helped out, buzzed, about it, and just generally made our inaugural event a big success.   You can see your name in lights on the “Thank You” preso in the online Dropbox folder, along with all the day’s presentations.

We learned a great deal together about social media marketing, and also about what you really need, and what you want to see next.  Over half of the attendees completed at least one session evaluation, and the overall average rating of our speakers was a whopping 4.5 out of 5.   While that’s a nice number, the comments behind the numbers were very revealing.

What You Said

Here’s what we heard:

  • You need more networking time. (Sorry about monsoon; the outdoor patios are great for that)
  • You need breaks between sessions.
  • You want longer, deeper sessions.
  • You want more of the very helpful how-to that you saw in June.
  • You suggested we repeat certain sessions and add some other ones.
  • Fully half of you would prefer a lighter, healthier breakfast; the other half said keep it as is.  Hmm…

Most important: your favorite parts are the sessions that suit your knowledge and needs – novice, practitioner, expert.  Sometimes, though, the match isn’t good.  The remedy:  Our Google Moderator site!  The questions  you ask there are extremely helpful in tailoring the sessions to your needs.  Also, if we can hook you up with an answer or a resource right away, you’ll get served sooner.  A double win for you!

All your suggestions will be reflected in the September 12 Agenda, now under development.

What next?

August 1 at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester – informal gathering

Rain date: August 2.  We will gather after work hours (business casual is way too dressy) on the North Shore’s most picturesque stretch of sand to enjoy the summer evening, make new connections, brainstorm a bit (not too much, it is after hours), and BYO light fare.  No RSVP, no tickets.  Just show up.  Look for our tricked out seagull mascot banner.  Dress for fun!

September 12 – The Sequel, only better

Now that you know, you know.  Who else should go?   Forward this message, tweet about it using hashtag #nxns, and jump on the Rogue Wave early ticket special, on sale now at EventBriteAs before, tickets are limited to keep participation and comfort high.  Rogue Wave tickets are limited to the first 25 people; maximum 2 tickets per purchase (now, now, no hoarding, please).

And if we can do anything to continue to make North by North Shore a regional jewel of an event, we’re all ears.  Drop a Comment below!




One Response to “Liked June 13? Check out Sep 12!”

  1. David Cutler July 17, 2012 at 12:50 pm #

    Hey Beach Party Lovers – We will NOT be at Gloucester Good Harbor Beach this Wednesday July 18th (or 19th) but we will reschedule… stay tuned!

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