Boston’s North Shore on fire, socially speaking

20 Aug

Many North Shore businesses have successful social media efforts underway, building social capital (relationships and influence) as a part of building sales, reputation and revenue.

Who are they?  What works for them?   Find out!  Join us at the next “North by North Shore” digital media, marketing & sales event at Danversport Yacht Club.  For ticket info, click the orange EventBrite button on this site (right sidebar, top of page).

Here is just a taste of what’s happened at recent events:

  • a cleaning company whose YouTube channel has helped build loyalty, goodwill and publicity, making it easier to attract referrals and keep clients.
  • a bicycle shop whose mobile and social efforts include supporting community events, resulting in improved public image, greater brand recognition, and a loyal following among bicyclist community insiders.
  • A bank whose Facebook channel has boosted customer loyalty while helping to raise funds for a charitable cause.
  • An online retailer who, by marketing almost exclusively online, has built a profitable niche clothing business.
  • A non-profit organization whose social community has boosted fund-raising and program publicity effectiveness.
  • …PLUS restauranteurs, professional services firms, educational institutions, professional associations and much more – all mingling under one roof, on one morning!

What else will you find at North by North Shore?

  • Expert review and critique (what works, what doesn’t) of a number of North Shore business’ social web efforts.
  • Like-minded business people who are learning and leveraging lessons from the North by North Shore event series to build their business.
  • Strategic and tactical experts on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, mobile, email, blogging, SEO, CRM …

… and much more.

Tickets limited (yikes); time too (double yikes)

As in previous events, we will cap attendance to keep participation and comfort high.  Once we sell out, that’s it, so don’t miss out!  We often get repeat sign-ups from past events  – a good sign – but that, too, limits the number of publicly available tickets. Upshot: hurry!

What’s included

Ticket holders receive a full breakfast at 7 AM, keynote speaker at 7:30 AM, attendance at any two of six breakout sessions from 8 to 10 AM, seating at the 10 AM expert panel joint session, and all session materials (print, online and/or video version).

Use the handy orange EventBrite ticket site link on this site to jump on this unique, acclaimed event opportunity today.  Pass it on!

You may also wish to click the “Keep me in the Loop!” link on this site to stay informed and chat with your colleages as the event draws near.   Our Agendas Page has more details, too!

We look forward to seeing you at the beautiful Danversport Yacht club next month.



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