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Don’t Tell Anyone, but …

19 Jun

Made you look. Kidding, of course; tell everyone!

candid comments box no caption

– a few candid attendee comments

According to all the candid feedback and written evaluations,  our recent third episode of North by North Shore was a resounding success.  For you numbers types, the written evals pegged it at a 4.8 out of 5 (where 5 means “strongly agree”).  Thanks also for your great “fill in the blank” suggestions!  NXNS continues to evolve for the better thanks to your ideas.

What Next?

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Team!  Team!  Team!

Tweetstream excerpt

Tweetstream excerpt

You don’t need to be wearing a Bruins uniform these days to know that it takes a team.  We couldn’t have done it without the Fab Faculty, an enthusiastic volunteer staff, some new audience members, the Rogue Wave (you know who you are), and a cadre of familiar faces and repeat attendees.  Get to know our local Faculty experts better; their approachable good nature and  deep domain expertise could be the trump card for growing your venture and winning new customers.

Session Materials Linked Here

After a little post-production work, all the Session presentations will be available linked directly from this site.  If you haven’t yet subscribed here,  please do it today so you can be notified of that update as well as upcoming event dates, early discounts, and other cool insider stuff.  Maybe you’ll be tagged in a photo or reminded of a key point that could improve your effectiveness and further extend your NXNS benefits.  Sign up!

Not a Rock Star

It feels that way sometimes, though.  Actually, those who know me well know about that previous life chapter of mine.  Anyway, thanks for the stage rush – that is, all of you who came up during and afterward yesterday, graciously volunteering to get involved and asking for more.  If that isn’t a testimonial, I’ll eat the projector.  Safe bet.  As is my custom, I will reach out personally to each of you soon (before/after a mini-vacation) to chat further.  Or, heck, you could just call me.  Either way, chat soon!  Question? Call.

About that secret …

More Twitter comments

More Twitter comments

Feel free to blab about #NXNS to your networks early and often.  If you know of a person or group you think would benefit, help me make that connection so we can discuss ways to extend the benefits to your group.  Use the comment box on this page, tweet to me @fanfoundry, or send an email, or call.  All my contact info is available by clicking here.





Agenda & Faculty Set for June 18

13 Jun

It’s on!

Got tickets?  Great, then surf on over to the Agenda page to view more information and plan your session attendance.

Discount Deadline Looms

No tickets yet?  Head on over to our EventBrite ticket page to check availability and pricing updates.  All discount Promotion Codes expire Friday, June 14 at 9 PM.  NSTC and YENS members, don’t forget to apply your member discount Promotion code!  Check your organization’s email / website / Facebook pages for those Promo code details.

Still Stuck?  Leave a Comment here.  We promise to honor discounts for all legitimate inquiries, as long as you leave a Comment here before the 9 PM Friday June 14 deadline.

Oh, and if you are not a NSTC or YENS member but are acquainted with one of our Faculty, hit them up for their top secret code.  Save money, learn and have fun.


Sign up to follow this blog and keep updated.  We have added more details on our powerful, talented group of seasoned presenters and their Session descriptions on the Agenda page to help you decide which sessions you’d like to attend.

You can also download a printable version of the June 18 Agenda by clicking this link.

Future dates & discount offers

Another reason to sign up for this blog: future events.  We are already at work planning the September 2013 Agenda.  You don’t want to miss the next “Rogue Wave” deeply discounted pricing offers when they are announced.

No rain

We look forward to seeing you at 7 AM breakfast at this beautiful harborside location, Danversport Yacht Club.  Wish for warm sun, so we can enjoy networking on the beautiful landscaped patio and garden grounds.  Oh, the indoor facilities are quite nice, but the outdoors…wow!

Repeat after me: No rain!



Future plans

17 Sep

Thanks, everyone, for another successful 2012!  Judging from the the pre- and post- event kudos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and beyond, a stimulating experience was had by all.  Use hashtag #nxns to find related commentary and add your own.  Special thanks to John Thompson of Comcast Business Class, our Lead Sponsor, for the huge tailwind.

Archived Presentations

As promised, you can access the 2012 presentations here.  Requires a (free) Dropbox.com account.

Archived Agenda

Here is the Agenda page for September 12, with more handy links to speaker biographies, action photos, previous event archives and more.

Find Yourself Here

Here are a few pictorial highlights of the day.  Are you there?  Tag!

Left: Keynoter Kathryn Rose, co-Producer Ed Alexander, Featured Speaker Sue Zimmerman and co-Producer David Cutler. Right: Megan G. has a follow-up question for SEO session expert Hans Riemer.

Left: John Thompson of Comcast kicks off the day. Center: Julia Campbell elaborates for her Social Throwdown audience. Right: Author Kat Rose (L) has a customer – Pat Mandell.

L: Panelists Ed, Sue and Kat discuss audience questions on “productizing” a service. C: Judy Parisella leads a session on LinkedIn for Business. R: Some of keynoter Kathryn Rose’s attentive audience.

L-R: David leads the Panel. Ed’s CRM / Email session. Chris J and Kat H chuckle. Julia tweets live.

Future Plans

We are busily planning more events on the North Shore and environs.  Already a number of expert speakers and new partners have been identified and the Agenda will be updated as things get firmed up.

As before, special “Rogue Wave” (early, discounted) tickets are already on sale in limited quantities.   Limit: 2 tickets per purchase transaction.  Prices will rise after they go, or the deadline expires – whichever happens first.

If you are, or know of, either a dynamic, experienced speaker or a North Shore digital “success story”,  use the handy links in the sidebar menu to get involved.

Thanks and we look forward to helping you succeed in 2013!

Digital Success Stories – Are You One?

31 Aug

Do you have a great digital media success story to tell?  Have you used a social or mobile channel (Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, mobile app/website, event, Pinterest, FourSquare, other)  to boost results for yourself or an organization?

If so, we’d love to give you a “cameo appearance” at North by North Shore.  Maybe you’ll even be chosen for a one-hour focus session, if you like. Either way, you’ll enjoy great publicity for your success in front of a live audience, and thousands more of our followers – and maybe generate even more lift for your already stellar results!

Just tell your story here  – or click the “Tell a Success Story” link in the sidebar on any page of this site – and get your story the daylight it deserves.

For best results, come to the next North by North Shore event (check ticket availability here) and get the chance to swap learning with colleagues, get a live shout-out, do a little live Q&A, maybe a photo-op, and of course bask in the glow of your newfound fame.  Not that it matters…right?

Who’s Doing It?

Here are a couple of recent submissions – North Shore business success stories recently highlighted at NXNS in September 2012:

Ideas for You

Here are some ideas on how to organize your success story:

  • Before and after (what changed)
  • Lessons Learned
  • Goals attained

Choose any Format

How you format your story is up to you.  A couple of Powerpoint slides would be great, because you can include images and business logo elements exactly as you’d like them to appear on the big screen at North by North Shore.  You can include photos, video, slides or just send a narrative.   Just click the link and follow the form.

We look forward to helping you succeed!


~Ed and David

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