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Agenda & Faculty Set for June 18

13 Jun

It’s on!

Got tickets?  Great, then surf on over to the Agenda page to view more information and plan your session attendance.

Discount Deadline Looms

No tickets yet?  Head on over to our EventBrite ticket page to check availability and pricing updates.  All discount Promotion Codes expire Friday, June 14 at 9 PM.  NSTC and YENS members, don’t forget to apply your member discount Promotion code!  Check your organization’s email / website / Facebook pages for those Promo code details.

Still Stuck?  Leave a Comment here.  We promise to honor discounts for all legitimate inquiries, as long as you leave a Comment here before the 9 PM Friday June 14 deadline.

Oh, and if you are not a NSTC or YENS member but are acquainted with one of our Faculty, hit them up for their top secret code.  Save money, learn and have fun.


Sign up to follow this blog and keep updated.  We have added more details on our powerful, talented group of seasoned presenters and their Session descriptions on the Agenda page to help you decide which sessions you’d like to attend.

You can also download a printable version of the June 18 Agenda by clicking this link.

Future dates & discount offers

Another reason to sign up for this blog: future events.  We are already at work planning the September 2013 Agenda.  You don’t want to miss the next “Rogue Wave” deeply discounted pricing offers when they are announced.

No rain

We look forward to seeing you at 7 AM breakfast at this beautiful harborside location, Danversport Yacht Club.  Wish for warm sun, so we can enjoy networking on the beautiful landscaped patio and garden grounds.  Oh, the indoor facilities are quite nice, but the outdoors…wow!

Repeat after me: No rain!




Future plans

17 Sep

Thanks, everyone, for another successful 2012!  Judging from the the pre- and post- event kudos on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and beyond, a stimulating experience was had by all.  Use hashtag #nxns to find related commentary and add your own.  Special thanks to John Thompson of Comcast Business Class, our Lead Sponsor, for the huge tailwind.

Archived Presentations

As promised, you can access the 2012 presentations here.  Requires a (free) Dropbox.com account.

Archived Agenda

Here is the Agenda page for September 12, with more handy links to speaker biographies, action photos, previous event archives and more.

Find Yourself Here

Here are a few pictorial highlights of the day.  Are you there?  Tag!

Left: Keynoter Kathryn Rose, co-Producer Ed Alexander, Featured Speaker Sue Zimmerman and co-Producer David Cutler. Right: Megan G. has a follow-up question for SEO session expert Hans Riemer.

Left: John Thompson of Comcast kicks off the day. Center: Julia Campbell elaborates for her Social Throwdown audience. Right: Author Kat Rose (L) has a customer – Pat Mandell.

L: Panelists Ed, Sue and Kat discuss audience questions on “productizing” a service. C: Judy Parisella leads a session on LinkedIn for Business. R: Some of keynoter Kathryn Rose’s attentive audience.

L-R: David leads the Panel. Ed’s CRM / Email session. Chris J and Kat H chuckle. Julia tweets live.

Future Plans

We are busily planning more events on the North Shore and environs.  Already a number of expert speakers and new partners have been identified and the Agenda will be updated as things get firmed up.

As before, special “Rogue Wave” (early, discounted) tickets are already on sale in limited quantities.   Limit: 2 tickets per purchase transaction.  Prices will rise after they go, or the deadline expires – whichever happens first.

If you are, or know of, either a dynamic, experienced speaker or a North Shore digital “success story”,  use the handy links in the sidebar menu to get involved.

Thanks and we look forward to helping you succeed in 2013!

Social Media Guru? Prove it! Here’s How

1 Jun

Dear business owner,

If a  search on Angie’s List fails, where can you turn?  As a child of the 1960s I recall the advice of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who, in dealing with “Cold War” nuclear detente issues, issued the simple phrase to characterize all negotiations:  “Trust but Verify”.  When you see the phrase “expert” or “guru” in a consultant’s biography, don’t you (too) mutter to yourself: “prove it, bud”?   Urban legend defines an “expert” as someone with at least 10,000 hours of high-intensity practical experience.  Hmm, working full time (2,000 hours per year), that means you’d have to be at it at least 5 years full-time to justify your “expert” label.  By the way, IMHO the “guru” label may be intended as a snarky, funny label, but please drop it.   “Expert” will suffice – if you qualify.

How can you verify that the marketing guru proposing to help your business is genuinely knowledgeable and qualified?  Thanks to the Interwebs, we have multiple ways of observing whether that person selling their services actually walks the talk.  Expertise today borders on transparent – or at least less opaque.  Try this:

  • LinkedIn – Why LinkedIn? Simple: it’s been around long enough.  Check your prospective consultant’s profile for Recommendations from former bosses and customers – not just from peers.  Oh, and check out the LinkedIn profile of the person who wrote the recommendation too, to get a sense of whether they  know what they’re talking about too.  What’s that, you say?  Neither the “expert” nor their “reference” has a decent LinkedIn profile?  Red flag!  Why?   Do the numbers.  There are 310 million US citizens, about half of us are working age (~160M), and over 400 million LinkedIn members, half of whom are in the US .  Statistically, that means anybody who’s anybody in business – at least in the US of A – has a LinkedIn profile.   If your prospective social media guru has no LinkedIn profile, exactly what do they know about being visible online?
  • Smarterer (http://www.smarterer.com) – a simple testing site that assesses each applicant’s knowledge on a battery of social media and marketing tools, technologies and platforms.  Ask your prospective consultant to show / link you to their Smarterer.com badge(s).  The numerical score is a rough equivocation of their prowess.  Hey, it’s only a number, but at least it’s a consistent measurement.  What, no Smarterer.com badge?  Insist they get one, then call you back when they have it.
  • Social Presence – do they have a blog?  How often do they blog?  Do they have a social media presence of any sort?  How well maintained is it?  (Commenter:  Julia Campbell of J Campbell Social Marketing)
  • Klout.com Score – This single numeric measurement of your online reputation has come under a lot of scrutiny lately and, just like a Smarterer badge, it’s just a single measurement.  But it beats having no measurement at all.  Keep in mind, however, that even having a mid-range Klout score (30 or above) is an indication that at least your social media expert has a digital “pulse”.
  • Paid audition – try carving out a discrete set of chores, or ask for  work delivered in natural phases, with your payments linked to successful completion of each gated phase of the project in question.  In other words, pay for performance….not just activity.  Mind you, actual results do take time.
  • “Viral” promises.  Does your “expert” actually promise to deliver a “viral” marketing result?   Anybody can no sooner promise viral results than a biologist can instruct an actual virus whom to infect next.  Hope is not a strategy.  Great content that is worth sharing gets shared, but it’s the eye of the beholder that matters, and no social media expert actually has mind control over your audience’s eyeballs and mouse clicks.  And having had a “viral” success in the consultant’s portfolio is – at best – proof that they learned something, but it cannot assure you they can make lightning strike twice.  Don’t buy on the promise of replicating a viral response.  Buy on the promise that the knowledge gained from that experience can be applied to your situation.  But a promise of Viral marketing?   Myth:  busted.

What other methods have you found to vet the qualifications of your marketing consultants?  Leave a comment and let’s list them here!



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